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Logo Design


October 2021

8 weeks

Upper Crust Bakery






Design a new logo to reflect the client's business. The logo should include the text of the business name as well as a symbol. The logo needs to be scalable and used in a wide variety of media formats.

My proposal: Create a new logo to reflect the brand’s traditional French background. The colors, typography, and accent elements used should be gender-neutral and classic with a modern twist. The final design should communicate to

the consumer a feeling of trust, tradition, and nobility.

Methodology: Design Thinking Model 

01. Empathize

Logo Portfolio_Overview.png

Before I began designing the logo, I conducted research to discover what the traditional French Bakery looks like.

Much of what I found featured elegant typography and saturated colors.  France is also known for its cafe or bistro outdoor dining with wrought iron tables and chairs.  I wanted to make sure to incorporate the wrought iron feature.

Another goal was to steer clear of the bright colors to ensure a more delicate and elegant design.


02. Ideate

Logo Design Concepts
Logo Design Concepts

Using Adobe Illustrator, I drafted 10 logo designs incorporating different design features I discovered during my research.

I created a variety of original elements to add to each design to ensure that each logo had its own personality while still falling in line with the client's branding goals.

Top 3 Designs

After testing my logo designs, I was able to narrow the design choice down to my top 3.

Logo top 3

03. Finalizing the Logo

Adding Color

Referring to my research, I created multiple color palettes to test with top 2 logo designs.

Colors Palettes
Logo 4 Color Specs
Logo 10 Color Specs

04. Design Specifications


The final color palette emphasizes colors associated with a sophisticated sense of royalty.  I wanted to make sure the colors were timeless and not trendy.

Final Logo Color Specifications

To match the traditional color palette, I selected two different fonts to incorporate into the final logo design.

The Bodoni 72 typeface features high contrast between its strokes, while Skia Regular is a humanist sans-serif typeface that mimics letters carved in stone - another symbol of the brand's timelessness.

Type Specifications

06. Final Logo Design

Final Logo - Color & BW
Logo Usage
Stationery Item - Letterhead
Stationery Item - Business Card & Envelope
Logo Portfolio_Rationale.png
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